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TM Forum, is a global industry association for service providers and their suppliers in the telecommunications industry. Members include communications and digital service providers, telephone companiescable operatorsnetwork operatorscloud providers, digital infrastructure providers, software suppliers, equipment suppliers, systems integrators and management consultancies. TM Forum has over 850 member companies, including ten of the top ten world’s largest telecommunications service providers that serve five billion customers across 180 countries.

Executive Summary

The Digital Transformation World Series 2021 (DTWS) was a hybrid event, blending the global reach and engagement of online content with face-to-face interactions. Across four weeks from September 22 to October 14, 2021, all content was live-streamed to onsite and remote participants. Sales Explorers took complete ownership of both the Acquisition and Retention of delegates attending 11 Webinars and 15 Roundtables discussions which took place concurrently during the DTWS.


The events landscape changed since the outbreak of COVID-19.  It became apparent that TM Forum needed to transform its flagship event into a virtual event. When it came to re-imagining that for a digital format, that of course presented a lot of challenges. TM Forums main challenge was securing registrations and online attendance from delegates (communication service providers) as well as the ability to engage with DTWS delegates from all around the world in different time zones.


Acting as a single POC for TM Forum, Sales Explorers had a dedicated team of 7 experts over a course of 8 weeks that took complete ownership and execution of all outreach activities related to the hybrid events. Over 1800 delegates registered for the Webinars and Roundtable Discussions and 794 successfully attended. From a brand awareness perspective, the feedback from sponsors is that the event was an unparalleled success.  

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Huawei (CNY)

Accelerate 5G innovation, cloudization operation transformation

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 


Blue Prism

From legacy RPA and single bots to AI and true enterprise intelligent automation

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 


Tata Consultancy Services

Shaping ecosystems for experience economy 

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Build a Digital Twin of your Hybrid Network Infrastructure

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Fuelling Enterprise Growth in the 5G Era

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 


Blue Planet / Ciena

OSS Transformation – evolving beyond legacy to realize the opportunities of 5G and edge

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Data driven transformation from edge to AI

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 


Totogi/ Telc DR

Accelerating the adoption of new business models using Open APIs and the public cloud

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 


Huawei (AN)

Autonomous Networks Accelerate Digital Transformation

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 


Huawei (ENG)

Accelerate 5G innovation,
cloudization operation transformation

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 




Private 5G threat or opportunity for CSPs?

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Solutions for Improved Data Operations & Data Governance

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Creating customer experiences that create trust

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 


RedHat (1) Ecosystem

Open RAN is ready for primetime

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Connect, Converge, Compete

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Five Nines in the Cloud – where’s the value?

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Building an ecosystem to capitalize on the ‘XaaS’ economy harnessing 5G and Cloud

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 


RedHat (2)

AI/ML for telcos: From hype to reality – looking at the edge and beyond

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



5G Readiness for Industry 4.0 Transformation Powered by 3M framework

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



The Rakuten approach to network planning and deployment

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Accelerate 5G innovation, cloudization operation transformation

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Reimagine customer experience: Ignite your data to predict and personalize every interaction with AI/ML

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



Monetizing 5G for Growth: Capturing Value from New Business Models

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 



How to deliver zero touch automation

Actual Attendees / Registrations: 


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