Industry Bodies & Trade Associations

What we offer

We work with leading trade organizations and industry bodies in driving traffic to their physical and virtual events, running membership acquisition or renewal campaigns as well as supporting recruitment for webinars, round-tables and industry surveys.

Areas of Expertise

We bring extensive experience in working with trade organizations such as TM Forum where a number of our team members spent years developing and successfully launching new products and services as well as managing engagement, retention and spend across over 1,000 enterprise members. Sales Explorers bring a unique set of capabilities in understanding how to drive engagement in member organizations, how to maximize revenue and run successful retention campaigns and how to leverage new revenue streams including publications, webinars and digital summits, live events, surveys, training and certifications.

  • Audience Acquisition

    Successful events rely on having the right audience in attendance. Member organisations’ ability to monetize events through sponsorships and drive engagement of their members depend entirely on their ability to bring together targeted audiences. As Sales Explorers, we have run turnkey audience acquisition campaigns on everything from c-level roundtables with just two-dozen invitation-only attendees to the award-winning Digital Transformation World series that brought together over 10,000 live delegates. We also support things like sponsored survey responses from specific regions/companies and titles as well as a wide range of digital events.

  • Member Engagement

    The Sales Explorers’ team comprises of people who have been focused on membership retention and engagement on behalf of member and trade organizations’ for a combined 40+ years. We have extensive experience on working with member companies to help them fully leverage participation in industry forums, communicate the benefits of becoming contributors and building visibility and awareness across said forums. We can also help with tooling, data mining and reporting to help member organizations’ understand their strengths, weaknesses and work proactively to address opportunities.

  • Renewals

    We work with your account management and renewal teams to help drive retention and renewal campaigns through personalized, bespoke outreach. We become the best ‘ambassadors’ for your organization by embracing and communicating the value you bring to the industry and your members.