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Choose Sales Explorers as your strategic partner and harness the power of telecom experts, proven expertise, and innovative strategies to propel your telecom business to new heights of success. Let us be your trusted guide as you navigate the ever-evolving telecom landscape with confidence and achieve unparalleled results.

Lead Generation

Explore how to consistently and predictably fill your sales pipeline with our comprehensive Lead Generation Service

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Maximize your ROI by organizing pre-qualified and targeted meetings, using our Event Optimization Service.

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Utilize cross-selling and up-selling strategies with our Account Development Service.


Optimize your sales operations and achieve sustainable growth with Sales Explorers Consulting Services

Software Vendor Evaluation

We can help with:

What are the prerequisites before starting a campaign that you need to have in place to ensure you have the right infrastructure to succeed? This includes reviewing the actual physical resources, the sales and marketing collateral, use cases, demos, references, availability of technical staff and presales support as well as the market maturity and ‘readiness’.

On-boarding and successfully managing the right channel partners across different regions can make a big difference in terms of raising market awareness and closing opportunities. We know and have worked with most of the communication service provider channel partners, resellers and SI’s across Europe Middle East Africa, the Americas and Asia. We can help structure the optimal approach for success 

We have successfully managed lead generation efforts across more than four different acquisitions on behalf of customers and supported the successful integration of new and existing processes and approaches

We can help you make the most cost-effective use of the resources you have and become a valuable extension of your sales and business development efforts. In some cases we ARE the sales and biz dev and can help you navigate new markets and determine where to invest 

Not to worry since this is something we come across all the time! We can help you optimize your processes and make the most of the existing assets and processes you have in place.

We’ve done it hundreds of times! We can help with the sorting, sifting and proper qualification. There’s often gold in the weeds!

We can help identify the right industry events and then optimize your participation through proper prequalification and setting up of partner and customer meetings