About Tweakker

Tweaker is a world leading mobile device intelligence provider, serving mobile operators for more than a decade. The company presents a fully-fledged and robust mobile operator-centric device intelligence management suite for device management, customer engagement and smartphone support to boost data uptake, drive greater customer lifetime value and reduce customer care costs. The company has a customer base of over 100 mobile operators using Tweakker’s solutions to better manage data of over 400 million subscribers in more than 35 countries around the world. Based on a close cooperation with mobile operators and device manufacturers Tweakker has developed a unique portfolio of device-centric knowledge services.


Project  Executive Summary

During a period of 6 months Sales Explorers  promoted Tweakker and acted as an extension of their internal sales workforce to help them raise awareness and unlock new opportunities.

The activities included among others:

  • Outreach to the pre-identified target customer accounts to introduce the company and product/value proposition
  • Making use of different communication channels such as email automation tools, LinkedIn, phone calls
  • Identify potential opportunities for Tweakker across the predetermined target accounts in the short to medium term
  • Positioning of Tweakker at the appropriate level in each target organization through introductory conference calls scheduling efforts with Tweakker experts
  • Building a pipeline of leads including contact info and organizing them by maturity level
  • Managing LinkedIn campaigns through sales navigator to generate new leads
  • Drove engagement to online webinars sponsored by Tweakker


At Sales Explorers we have a very strong expertise in the Telco industry since this is our unique market and background, we know your targets, solutions and  are in the business to help companies grow and go beyond our initial objectives.

The outreach activities of the Tweakker  campaign can be summarised by some KPIs that are presented below:


Qualified Prospects

(Raised awareness around Tweakker to a qualified contact base of  approx. 1300 contact)

Approximately 270 Warm Leads

Engaging contacts added to the Tweakker CRM

Conference Calls

Introductory  conference calls/ F2F meetings scheduled, 9 of which with VP/C-level executives

New customer

MVNO Bazile Telecom became a named new customer

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